Report on the protection of the constitution: left-wing and neumann against usa

In 2013, the police counted more crimes motivated by left-wing extremism than in the previous year. CDU and FDP see this as a failure of the Senate.

Hamburg’s police encounter people with parsley, toilet brushes and militant thoughts. Picture: dpa

"Testify" called Interior Senator Michael Neumann (SPD) on Monday the presentation of the current report on the protection of the constitution. And the largest space this time took the left-wing extremist-motivated crimes. They increased last year: in 2013, police recorded 297 crimes, compared with 138 the previous year. The number of violent crimes recorded was 187, about three times as high as in 2012.

Elections in hamburg: spd triumphs

The SPD becomes the strongest party. It defies the federal trend and, with Peter Tschentscher, will continue to provide the mayor.

SPD top candidate Peter Tschentscher cheers after the first forecast Photo: Axel Heimken/dpa

At 6 p.m. sharp, frenetic cheers erupt in the SPD headquarters at Kurt Schumacher House. The SPD is at around 38 percent, more than 12 percentage points ahead of the Greens. Peter Tschentscher will thus become governing mayor once again. "That was a great final spurt," said a delighted SPD faction leader Dirk Kienscherf.

Anger over a word: whoever says “unfortunately” is lying

The steep thesis: everyone knows it, everyone does it, and it has to stop. Because every "unfortunately" is a lie.

Unfortunately? No! Photo: imago

There are things that seem like a trifle to some, and for others the world is decided by this thing. I know people who get a bird when the toilet paper unrolls from the wrong side, when the cucumber is too close to the stinky cheese in the refrigerator or the toothpaste tube is not screwed on properly.

Wto conference in buenos aires: in the shadow of “america first

Trump’s departure from free trade further weakens the World Trade Organization. But this also offers opportunities for the European Union.

Discussions at the WTO conference on global trade liberalization rules Photo: dpa

According to some delegates, there is much more at stake than just liberalization. At stake at the World Trade Organization, which has been meeting in Buenos Aires since Sunday, are substantive issues, but above all the future significance of the WTO as the guardian of free world trade itself. The issue has been raised by U.S. President Donald Trump. He had already called the WTO a "disaster" during the election campaign. And even after he took office in January, his distance from the rule-maker and overseer of global trade remained great.

Popular initiative for rent control: berlin as a role model

A Munich initiative wants to limit rents on the housing market. The SPD and the Left Party are on board, but the Greens are not yet.

Almost no one can afford it anymore: living in downtown Munich Photo: dpa

You don’t even need to look at the trendy neighborhoods in Munich like Schwabing or Haidhausen. Those who can no longer afford the rent there will move out, or so the assumption goes. But a look at Munich’s surrounding area reveals the dramatic nature of the situation: A 16-square-meter room in a shared apartment in Planegg, southwest of Munich, is on offer for 840 euros. 1,500 euros cold costs a 75 square meter three-room apartment in Furstenried-West on the outskirts of Munich. It is located in an ugly high-rise building in a rather inhospitable area.

A botched start to the tour de france: a victory for ignorance

At the start of the anniversary Tour, one organizational mishap follows the next. The beneficiary is the German Marcel Kittel.

Two fists, a big surprise: Marcel Kittel wins in the final sprint. Picture: ap

A team bus caught under the finish banner gave the 100th Tour de France a thoroughly embarrassing start. With the peloton only about 10 kilometers from the finish, a couple of employees from Tour organizer ASO were still struggling to somehow maneuver Team Orica’s bus off the finish line.

Arrest of right-wing ksk soldier: “shepherd’s” weapons cache

How can Bundeswehr soldiers keep stealing weapons and ammunition? The Ministry of Defense now wants to check this out.

Police officers after finding weapons from KSK soldier Philipp Sch. in Saxony Photo: Robert Michael, dpa

Investigators have unearthed a veritable cache of weapons at the home of a KSK soldier in Saxony. They seized: an AK-47 assault rifle, several thousand rounds of pistol and rifle ammunition, two kilograms of PETN plastic explosives and detonators, alarm and air guns, various detonators, signal cartridges, a crossbow. And not only that: they also found unspecified "National Socialist devotional objects."

Study on disorderly brexit: 100,000 german jobs at risk

A disorderly Brexit would put thousands of jobs in Germany at risk, a new study shows. The auto industry in particular is at risk.

Could end badly for VW: a disorderly Brexit Photo: dpa

In Germany, the jobs of more than 100,000 people are threatened by a Brexit without an agreement, according to a study. The study by the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research Halle (IWH) and the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg was reported by Welt am Sonntag. "In no other state is the effect on overall employment as large as in Germany," one of the study’s authors, Oliver Holtemoller, told the newspaper.

Argumentative pamphlet by gunda windmuller: the myth of the unhappy single woman

"Female, single, happy – don’t look for it": With her pamphlet, Gunda Windmuller wants to debunk stereotypes about women who live alone.

No, not all single women eat chocolate for breakfast Photo: imago-images/Prod.DB

Single women sit on their sofas in the evening crying in their pajamas and watching tearjerker movies that express their longing for a man, Mister Perfect. This, ladies and gentlemen, is called a narrative, presented in this way or something similar in countless unromantic comedies.

Allegations of election fraud in myanmar: old tricks reloaded

After the coup, the military is bending the constitution to suit itself. In doing so, it creates a pretext to overthrow Aung San Suu Kyi and exclude her from elections.

Soldiers wait to be deployed in Yangon on February 15 Photo: Stringer/rts

"Possible election fraud!" And, "Millions of errors on the voter lists!" With these accusations after the parliamentary elections of November 8, 2020, the military have now justified their coup. They claim that the same names appeared several times on the lists. They also claim that the numbers of voters’ identity cards were repeated. However, the army provided no evidence for this claim. The election commission rejected the allegations.