Argumentative pamphlet by gunda windmuller: the myth of the unhappy single woman

"Female, single, happy – don’t look for it": With her pamphlet, Gunda Windmuller wants to debunk stereotypes about women who live alone.

No, not all single women eat chocolate for breakfast Photo: imago-images/Prod.DB

Single women sit on their sofas in the evening crying in their pajamas and watching tearjerker movies that express their longing for a man, Mister Perfect. This, ladies and gentlemen, is called a narrative, presented in this way or something similar in countless unromantic comedies.

More needy, less supply: tafel remains uncovered

The number of people in need at the Hamburg Tafel has risen by 20 to 30 percent since the pandemic began. There is now a shortage of large donations.

Supplies are running low: More Hamburg residents need food from the Tafel Photo: Markus Scholz/dpa

The lines are getting longer, the supplies scarcer: The Hamburg Tafel reports an increasing number of needy people at its distribution points. The number has increased by 20 to 30 percent since the beginning of the corona pandemic. At the same time, there is a shortage of donated food.

Right-wing esotericist at health food company: chemtrails at rapunzel

Organic pioneer Rapunzel has just come under fire for statements made by its founder. Now it comes out that a climate change denier appeared there.

Joseph Wilhelm poses in front of Rapunzel advertising in Legau Photo: Rolf Schultes/picture alliance

"Homeopathy for Plants," "Stardust and Owl Calls," "Myths, Legends, LightImageSounds" – these are the titles of the "Rapunzel Events," a series of public events that have been held regularly for four years in the company’s own event space in Legau, Swabia. The Rapunzel events attract between visitors and are partly available online as video recordings.

Situation report from tunis: media star police robot

Curfew and somehow everything is different in Tunisia’s capital. Even cab drivers are saving their usually audacious conspiracy theories.

Even the nicest cafes in Tunis are closed Photo: dpa

The health minister’s voice is brittle as he steps in front of the cameras on Monday, tears are in his eyes. Everything that has been achieved so far will be lost if citizens do not finally stay at home, Abdelatif Mekki pleads. The pandemic is now out of control in Tunisia. Yet the Tunisian government, which had just been elected to office, had quickly and effectively halted public life. On the way to the supermarket, one meets only a few passers-by. The media star is a small police robot that the Ministry of the Interior drives through the streets and asks passers-by for the necessary special permit.

Award ceremony for ken jebsen: great cinema of the absent

The honoree does not come, the laudator is missing. Leftists demonstrate against leftists. And there is also a bit of tinfoil.

The entrance to the Babylon cinema Photo: Imago / Ipon

No, it was not the premiere of the new Star Wars, which came on Thursday in front of and in the Berlin cinema Babylon to the performance, even if still so much of the "Empire" or the "dark side of the force" was spoken. Gathered instead were the followers of controversial media maker Ken Jebsen, who explain the world with very simple friend-foe constellations.