Summer in berlin: beautiful – for you!

Now everyone says again that you have to go out in this heat in Berlin, out to the cafes, parks, lakes. Only: It’s terrible out there!

This is the cliche of summer in Berlin: Bathers at the Wannsee… Photo: dpa

The sun is shining. And already they howl again, the day or better sun wolves: "Rauuus!", they howl in a pack, "the sun is shining, go all rauuuus, rauuuuus!!!"

Songwriter hans unstern about new album: “with harp and high heels”.

Hans Unstern is one of the icons of the music business. In an interview, he explains how he explores the multiplicities in his own on his new album.

Hans Unstern, an artist between charade and reality Photo: promo

On his debut album "Kratz dich raus" (2010), it still seemed clear who Hans Unstern was and what he wanted: a former street musician whose skepticism about existence and language had driven him into the arms of the Berlin indie scene, where he honed the sound of the new decade with similarly ambitious projects like the band Ja, Panik. At the latest in 2012 to the strikingly titled "The Great Hans Unstern Swindle" follow-up and a simultaneously published book of poetry (Merve Verlag), when he appeared in persona of the performance artist Tucke Royale, it was clear: Between lustful charade and complex reality of what a subject can be, an artist definition must be postponed.

Political rock in ukraine: voice for voice

He has long been a star on the Ukrainian music scene, but now Svyatoslav Vakarchuk wants to make politics. He has founded a party.

Politics and rock: At the concert of Okean Elzy there are both Photo: Alexandr Gusev

So it’s as simple as this. "I’ll give you my vote tonight, and you give me your vote on July 21," Svyatoslav Vakarchuk shouts to his fans in the city park of the Ukrainian provincial city of Poltava on this sweltering July evening. The 44-year-old is casual: jeans, sneakers, T-shirt. He likes to appear before the audience unkempt – today, too.

Pipeline construction in north dakota: protest camp cleared after a year

After months of bitter protests, Native Americans and environmentalists have now had to leave the camp against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

Protesters set fire to some of their tents and cabins as they left the camp Photo: reuters

After nearly a year, the protest camp against the construction of a controversial oil pipeline in the northern United States has been cleared. Most demonstrators voluntarily left the protest camp against the Dakota Access pipeline in the state of North Dakota on Wednesday. About ten activists who resisted an ultimatum to vacate the camp were arrested, according to authorities.

Ngo report on conservationists killed: murders of environmentalists.

A report laments 164 murders of environmental and land rights activists worldwide. Philippines replaces Brazil as most dangerous country.

The hunt for activists is on the rise worldwide Photo: reuters

The nine sugarcane workers, including three women and two minors, did not stand a chance when unknown gunmen opened fire on Oct. 20 last year. The farm workers had been taking part in a land occupation on the central Philippine sugar island of Negros, which is more famous than any other region in the Southeast Asian country for large-scale land ownership and the denial of effective land reform. The attackers set fire to the squatters’ tent before fleeing undetected. The lawyer Benjamin Ramos, who represented victims’ families, was also killed a few days later by suspected contract killers.

Unequal treatment by current parentage law: queer mothers sue

With the initiative "nodoption" queer mothers draw attention to the fact that they have to adopt their own children. Now they are going to court.

A typical family: lesbian couple with child and dog Photo: Meike Engels/imago-images

In front of the district court in Tempelhof-Kreuzberg, Christina Klitzsch-Eulenburg hands out rainbow flags. She smiles a lot and chats with women who, like her, are filing petitions – for recognition as the legal parents of their children.

Low-wage sector in germany: migrants take over the low-wage jobs

40 percent of jobs in the low-wage sector in Germany are held by migrants. In other EU and OECD countries, the figure is only a quarter.

Low-paid jobs are often performed by migrants Photo: dpa

In Germany, significantly more migrants work in low-skilled jobs than in international comparison. While on average in the European Union and the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a quarter of these jobs are held by migrants, in Germany it is 40 percent. This is the result of an integration study by the EU and OECD presented on Sunday on the occasion of the UN migration summit in Marrakech.

Settlement construction in palestinian territories: israel plans to destroy bedouin village

Palestinians are to be resettled in the West Bank to make room for Israelis. International protest has so far prevented this.

Israeli policemen and Palestinians at a protest against the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar Photo: dpa

Israel’s army has begun demolishing the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar in the occupied West Bank. Bulldozers first demolished provisionally erected roadblocks. Protests against the eviction already left four people injured on Wednesday. The German government criticized the planned forced relocation of initially about 180 people to make room for the expansion of Jewish settlements. With the destruction of Khan al-Ahmar and new Israeli construction, "the prospects for a contiguous Palestinian territory and thus the feasibility of a two-state solution would be significantly reduced," it said.

Actor tilo pruckner is dead: never retired, always a cop

Actor Tilo Pruckner has died at the age of 79. The former Tatort detective last investigated in the ARD early evening series "Rentnercops".

Remembered as a likeable character actor: Actor Tilo Pruckner Photo: Jorg Carstensen/dpa

The actor Tilo Pruckner is dead. Last Thursday, July 2, he died unexpectedly, ARD announced on Monday, July 6, citing information from his family. Pruckner was 79 years old. "We lose with him one of the great popular actors," said Jorg Schonenborn, the ARD coordinator fiction.

New law against packaging waste: more responsibility for amazon

The Ministry of the Environment wants to make online retailers bear more of the costs of waste disposal and extend the mandatory deposit.

The BMU wants to combat increasing packaging waste in online trade with the draft law Photo: Jochen Tack/imago

The Ministry of the Environment (BMU) wants to oblige Starbucks, McDonald’s and Co to sell their coffees and meals in reusable packaging as well. This is the result of a draft law of the BMU, which is available to the taz. According to the bill, restaurants and stores are to be obliged to offer goods offered for sale in "disposable packaging at the point of sale in each case also in reusable packaging" at the same price and under the same conditions – for example in different sizes.