Wto conference in buenos aires: in the shadow of “america first

Trump’s departure from free trade further weakens the World Trade Organization. But this also offers opportunities for the European Union.

Discussions at the WTO conference on global trade liberalization rules Photo: dpa

According to some delegates, there is much more at stake than just liberalization. At stake at the World Trade Organization, which has been meeting in Buenos Aires since Sunday, are substantive issues, but above all the future significance of the WTO as the guardian of free world trade itself. The issue has been raised by U.S. President Donald Trump. He had already called the WTO a "disaster" during the election campaign. And even after he took office in January, his distance from the rule-maker and overseer of global trade remained great.

Constitutional court rejects applications: data retention can start

Several emergency motions against data retention have failed. Only for SMS do the judges make an important restriction.

Bar code as protest: The way for data retention is clear for the time being Photo: dpa

The controversial data retention can begin as planned in July 2017. The Federal Constitutional Court has now rejected two urgent applications for an immediate suspension of the law.

School openings in hamburg: teachers’ union at a distance

Hamburg’s elementary schools are to reopen after the vacations, and secondary schools are likely to do the same. The GEW calls this "reckless".

There is still plenty of room: School class in Corona times Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth/dpa

Four more school days, then the summer vacations begin. School senator Ties Rabe (SPD) previously announced how things would continue after the months of closure in the new school year: elementary schools would open "with certainty" and secondary schools "with great probability." The Hamburg GEW calls this "desirable, but frivolous." Meanwhile, the parents’ group "Families in Crisis" is demonstrating today at Gansemarkt for the immediate opening of all daycare centers and schools.

Chairman of the “junge alternative”: the fearful rebel

Philipp Ritz has only been chairman of the AfD youth for a short time. He made headlines with anti-feminism. "Attention is attention," he says coolly.

Philipp Ritz at the AfD’s election campaign party on May 25. Image: William Minke

Philipp Ritz’s world consists of fear. Fear of muggings, fear of theft, fear of social fraud. Fear of someone beating him up in a disco. Of Germany getting into debt and a woman taking away his job because of feminism, quotas, egalitarianism. And if things go on like this, Philipp Ritz is sure, even money will soon be worth nothing.

Full beard column: no more berlin snark!

What do you learn for life in Berlin? Our author takes stock – and then leaves.

Here, too, the rule is: If you get snapped at, you have to snap right back. Otherwise you won’t be in Berlin. Photo: dpa

No more Berlin. No more Neukolln. No more full beard. No more hipsterism. No more evil foreigners. No more good Germans. No more queerness. No more everything.