Verdict against the office for the protection of the constitution: life imprisonment for surveillance

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution spied on human rights activist Rolf Gossner for 38 years. A court has now found the procedure to be unlawful.

Rolf Gossner in 2013 at the event "Protection of the Constitution – Practice Beyond the Laws?" Photo: dpa

The 38-year spying on Bremen human rights activist Rolf Gossner by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution was illegal and disproportionate from the start. This assessment, which the Cologne Administrative Court already came to seven years ago, was confirmed on Tuesday evening by the 16th Senate of the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) in Munster in the appeal hearing. It certified thereby again the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) to have hurt durably the most distinguished personal rights, which the Basic Law guarantees everyone.

Commentary election in montenegro: further towards the west

A clear vote for the EU and against Serbia and Russia: Montenegrin President Djukanovic has won the election again.

Champagne instead of Crimean champagne: incumbent Milo Djukanovic symbolically celebrates his re-election Photo: dpa

Anyone like Milo Djukanovic who has ruled his country in Montenegro for over thirty years is not met with only sympathy. Undemocratic potentates like Putin and Erdogan try to hold on to power using similar methods – once as president, then party leader, then prime minister, only to return as president again. In such systems, patronage systems and corruption are the rule.

Right-wing violence in lower saxony: counted as victims

The Green Party in Lower Saxony is demanding that victims of right-wing violence be recognized as such. Relatives have been waiting for this for years.

Prone to violence: bald heads or as they like to call themselves skinheads Photo: dpa

Matthias Knabe is one of the names that state parliament member Julia Hamburg (Greens) wants to recall, for whom she wants justice. Fifteen far-right skinheads attacked the 23-year-old punk near Gifhorn on May 8, 1991. "He was driven into the street by them," Hamburg says. "Downright chased." A car hit him. Matthias Knabe died of his severe brain injuries on March 4, 1992. As a victim of right-wing extremist violence, Knabe is still not officially recognized in Lower Saxony. The politician wants to change that.

After the right-wing demo in berlin: against the bewilderment.

The attack on the Bundestag also exposes the left. It needs to get out of the comfort zone in which it believes itself to be the only voice of reason.

On the steps of the Reichstag on Saturday Photo: Fritz Engel/Zenit

In Berlin on Saturday, tens of thousands of people demonstrated against the Corona amendments. Leftists, Greens, liberals and conservatives could only react with bewilderment to the picture presented to them: Imperial War flags could be seen next to rainbow flags, hippies next to Nazis, humanists next to Trumpists. In the end, neo-Nazis stormed the stairs of the parliament, while supporters of democracy looked on speechlessly.