Conflicts between kurds and arabs: scorched earth in iraq

In Iraq, thousands of hectares of farmland go up in flames. The IS is setting them on fire, they say. The Arabs are to blame, goes the rumor among the Kurds.

The land is on fire! The son of farmer Hawez tries to extinguish the fire Photo: Issio Ehrich

The fire is eating its way meter by meter through the land of Farhad Anwar Hawez. For hours, the farmer has been beating the flames in vain with gray rags. Sweat trickles down his forehead, ash and dirt settle on his clothes, the muscles in his arms fail. Firefighters arrive. But even they cannot put out the fire.

Column zeros and ones: mama, life had just begun

What happens when "young people" only stare at "their smartphones"? Quite a lot of creative and intelligent stuff.

Andy Warhol would have liked this Screenshot: Instagram/@thesamephotoofbanana

On Twitter the other day, someone posted the lyrics to Queen’s "Bohemian Rhapsody." Yeah, okay, some will now say: that one fits in seven tweets. I can do that, too.