Allegations of election fraud in myanmar: old tricks reloaded

After the coup, the military is bending the constitution to suit itself. In doing so, it creates a pretext to overthrow Aung San Suu Kyi and exclude her from elections.

Soldiers wait to be deployed in Yangon on February 15 Photo: Stringer/rts

"Possible election fraud!" And, "Millions of errors on the voter lists!" With these accusations after the parliamentary elections of November 8, 2020, the military have now justified their coup. They claim that the same names appeared several times on the lists. They also claim that the numbers of voters’ identity cards were repeated. However, the army provided no evidence for this claim. The election commission rejected the allegations.

Sea rescue in the mediterranean: no more help

Not a single private rescue ship is operating in the Mediterranean any more. Above all, quarantine regulations are paralyzing ships and crews.

Refugees in an overcrowded boat off the coast of Libya Photo: Santi Palacios/AP/dpa

Quarantine, travel restrictions, supply bottlenecks for spare parts – the Corona pandemic has also shut down sea rescue in the Mediterranean. Not a single private rescue ship is currently in operation – even though Malta and Italy have officially suspended the sea rescue of refugees.

Tourismwatch sheds light on the background: fighting windmills

The newsletter TourismWatch is a critical examination of tourism. And a platform for international NGOs.

Splendor and misery are close together in Morocco Photo: imago images/KausRose

The debates about travel, flight shame and overtourism are as heated as the climate, one more reason to talk about Tourism Watch. A newsletter with background information on global tourism, a critical examination, published by the Tourism Office of Bread for the World, the development agency of the Protestant Church in Germany.

Curator on louise bourgeois: “attractive and uncanny at the same time”.

As a pioneer of installation art, Louise Bourgeois is a good fit for the Schinkel Pavillon, says artistic director Nina Pohl.

Exhibition view, Louise Bourgeois, The Empty House, Schinkel Pavillon Photo: Andrea Rossetti/Schinkel Pavillon

site: Ms. Pohl, what is most surprising about the Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Schinkel Pavillon is the impression that the works were virtually made for the spaces. Both downstairs in the Schinkel Klause and upstairs in the pavilion. Did you anticipate that it would work so well?