Elections in hamburg: spd triumphs

The SPD becomes the strongest party. It defies the federal trend and, with Peter Tschentscher, will continue to provide the mayor.

SPD top candidate Peter Tschentscher cheers after the first forecast Photo: Axel Heimken/dpa

At 6 p.m. sharp, frenetic cheers erupt in the SPD headquarters at Kurt Schumacher House. The SPD is at around 38 percent, more than 12 percentage points ahead of the Greens. Peter Tschentscher will thus become governing mayor once again. "That was a great final spurt," said a delighted SPD faction leader Dirk Kienscherf.

Six questions about the covid vaccine: immune response requested.

Why the German government is ordering vaccines in bulk. What role the EU plays in this. And what Bill Gates has to do with it.

An employee looks at a bacterial carrier at the company Curevac Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/pa

1 The German government is buying a vaccine against Covid-19 that doesn’t even exist yet. Isn’t that premature?

Adac loses members: young people drive away

The ADAC is losing members: because of the scandals, but also because younger people no longer see cars as a status symbol. Electronics are more important to them.

Just a tool for getting around: Cars in the world view of young people. Photo: dpa

It is a damper for the ADAC motorists’ club: For the first time in many years, the association, which had come under criticism for manipulated car prices and other scandals, has had to accept a loss of members. Around 320,000 members quit because of the affairs. In addition, 65,000 resigned for other reasons, or members died. That led to a total loss of about 385,000 members, as the association announced on Monday.

Right-wing attacks in bremen: hate and black paint

After attacks on the Jewish community of Bremerhaven, there have now been two more attacks on memorials in Bremen, most recently on the Valentin bunker

Apparently disturbs some in their national pride: the Bunker Valentin in Bremen-Farge. Photo: Ingo Wagner/dpa

Unknown persons have spray-painted a concrete wall at Bunker Valentin: "Stop the cult of guilt" is emblazoned in black letters across the entire width of the wall. On Tuesday, a day before the graffiti was discovered, the SPD parliamentary group had requested a new report on right-wing extremism and xenophobia in Bremen, referring to "newly emerging phenomena and groups such as the Reichsburger as well as the Identitarian Movement and the Junge Alternative."