Commentary on shopping on christmas eve: anti-capitalist cudgels

Berlin’s labor senator appeals to stores to keep their doors closed on Dec. 24. But too much rest is not good for Berlin.

Still a little stress before the holidays? Then just go shopping on the 24th Photo: dpa

Please, we all know: What you can do today, don’t put off until tomorrow! And if you always stick to this prudent squirrel slogan, you won’t have any problems. But not everyone is so disciplined, they don’t even want to be, but rather long for the thrill of the last minute. A little excitement in life. Besides, you forget a lot of things, for example, that you wanted to put some delicious nuts on the table for the feast.

So it’s all about Christmas Eve, the high day of everyone who likes to get everything – the presents – done just before time and, by the way, have the forgotten nuts wrapped in the stores on a commercial Christmas Eve.

Whereas Christmas Eve is also this year as usual on December 24 in the calendar. Only that December 24 this time falls on a Sunday. What results in the peculiar situation that on that day the stores – despite Sunday – may be open, the law wants it in Berlin so. On Christmas Eve may be opened in the morning to bring food or even the last minute Christmas tree to the customers.

But what you are allowed to do, you don’t have to do right away. The work senator Elke Breitenbach (left) appeals thus to the supermarkets to hold in this year on 24 December times the doors closed. In order to grant also the coworkers a little peace to the celebration.

The peace and quiet is, of course, an argument. It could even be seen as an anti-capitalist cudgel thrown between the gears of business, at least for a day. On the one hand. On the other hand, however, there is perhaps already too much devotional calm involved, which on this day might also be seen as a point victory for the Christian religious communities. But does Berlin really need such peace and quiet?

It’s a prankster, though, who simply wants to escape it with a last-minute flight to a quiet spot.

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