Commentary on the fdp’s gender policy: man, man, man

The FDP is now making men’s and fathers’ rights an election issue and rallying votes with antifeminism. That fits quite well.

Man to man: Christian Lindner with Christian Lindner Photo: dpa

The FDP is finally reflecting on what it can really do: Men. Actually, that’s what their whole campaign is about, so at least it’s about one man. Now, anti-feminism is supposed to be used to get rid of the last voters. Already in June, the party-internal association "Liberal Men" was founded (the taz reported), now the FDP could also score the most points in the big election check of a men’s rights group.

Men’s rights activists felt discriminated against and not heard by politics. That’s why the "Interessengemeinschaft Jungen, Manner und Vater" (IG-JMV) checked the Bundestag parties plus FDP and AfD. They were to answer questions and thus make their positions on men’s rights clear.

The verdict of the men’s rights activists: The FDP is the most progressive. It rejects gender quotas on principle, wants to enable "not only women, but also men" to "perform the function of equal opportunity commissioners," and is in favor of the "alternating model," in which separated parents share the care of children and fathers do not automatically have to pay child support. Exactly the core points of the men’s rights activists. Men’s rights, the activists of the IG-JMV emphasize, are not directed against women, but only towards true equality. At the moment, they say, everything is shifting too far in favor of women.

The election check is applauded by portals such as Faktum magazine, which, for example, illustrated the "obituary" for the late feminist Kate Millett with a drawing of a witch.

The Liberal Men also enthusiastically shared the result of the Men’s Rights Election Check on their Facebook page. The association also published its program points there: Women’s quotas violate the principle of equal treatment, but in the case of educators and teachers, a male quota of at least 30 percent is needed to convey male educational values. Women can have abortions, so men should also be allowed to refuse to have children.

New FDP election poster

"All men are equal before the law. Fathers too"

When the Liberal Men were founded, it also looked as if they would not have the support of the party leadership. "We do not comment on the project," let the board of the FDP still communicate in June.

But that now looks different: On a new election poster, Christian Lindner (who else?) leans against a wall, next to him is written, "Before the law, all people are equal. Fathers too. The Bavarian FDP has planned an event for Wednesday, at which its top candidate Daniel Fost will speak, on the "future of separating families" and the alternating model, which men’s rights activists are also demanding. The liberal men advertise the event on their page. Thus men’s rights should have arrived in the middle of the party. It also fits in much better with the former old-men’s party than the modern digitalization slogan and the refugee policy copied from the AfD. Back to the roots.

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