Cyclist hit by car: the traffic light was red

A 69-year-old woman dies because a motorist disregarded a traffic light. Bike activists are calling for a vigil on Friday.

A white wheel is also to be erected at the Schlossbrucke bridge as a reminder Photo: dpa

A vigil is planned for Friday evening, 5:30 p.m., following the fatal accident of a female cyclist in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The 69-year-old woman had been run over by a 25-year-old motorist who disregarded a red light on Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday, another accident occurred in Treptow, where a cyclist was seriously injured. According to the fire department, a truck hit him while he was turning right.

At the site of the fatal accident, the Schlossbrucke, the Changing Cities traffic association plans to erect a white bicycle as a memorial. The association, together with the bicycle club ADFC, called for a vigil followed by a bicycle parade to the Red City Hall. Changing Citites explained that in order to avoid such accidents, car traffic must be curbed. The network Fahrradfreundliches Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf criticized that bicycle infrastructure is lacking throughout the district.

According to police, the motorist ran over the woman as she tried to cross the street at a green pedestrian light. Despite resuscitation attempts at the scene, the 69-year-old died from her severe injuries.

So far in 2019, 36 people have been killed in traffic. Of those, 21 were pedestrians, 6 were cyclists, 5 were car occupants, and 4 were other road users. Last year, 45 people died in accidents, including 19 pedestrians and 11 cyclists.

The cyclist who was hit by the truck in Treptow was hospitalized. According to the fire department, the man was trapped under the truck in the accident. Firefighters freed him. Several people suffered shock, including the truck driver, a spokesman said.

Helpers were quickly on the scene, also because there was another accident shortly before in the Sudostallee. Here, a car crashed into a tree. For the accident investigation, the intersection of Sudostallee, Kiefholzstrabe and Rixdorfer Strabe was closed for a long time, according to the fire department. There were traffic jams.

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