Constitutional court rejects applications: data retention can start

Several emergency motions against data retention have failed. Only for SMS do the judges make an important restriction.

Bar code as protest: The way for data retention is clear for the time being Photo: dpa

The controversial data retention can begin as planned in July 2017. The Federal Constitutional Court has now rejected two urgent applications for an immediate suspension of the law.

Verdict against the office for the protection of the constitution: life imprisonment for surveillance

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution spied on human rights activist Rolf Gossner for 38 years. A court has now found the procedure to be unlawful.

Rolf Gossner in 2013 at the event "Protection of the Constitution – Practice Beyond the Laws?" Photo: dpa

The 38-year spying on Bremen human rights activist Rolf Gossner by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution was illegal and disproportionate from the start. This assessment, which the Cologne Administrative Court already came to seven years ago, was confirmed on Tuesday evening by the 16th Senate of the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) in Munster in the appeal hearing. It certified thereby again the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) to have hurt durably the most distinguished personal rights, which the Basic Law guarantees everyone.

Suspicion of police data leaks: victim counseling demands controls

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, cases are mounting in which police officers are suspected of having passed on sensitive data to right-wing extremists.

Will have to deal with the state data protection officer: Police in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Photo: dpa

Do police pass on personal data without permission? In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, at least, some things point to this. Kay Bolick of Lobbi, the statewide victim counseling service "Assistance and Information for Victims of Right-Wing Violence," knows of cases. Most recently, a woman turned to Lobbi. She had reported a racist incident to the police and then got an unpleasant phone call. "It wasn’t a long conversation," Bolick says. But the message to the woman called was clear, he says. Explosive: The caller must have gotten the contact information, Bolick says, from the police.

Dispute over university presidential election: “intransparent procedure”.

Almost 100 professors* protest against the election of Sascha Spoun as the new president of the University of Gottingen.

Encounters resistance in Gottingen: Sascha Spoun, here in 2017 at a speech in Luneburg Photo: dpa

It’s a bumpy road to the new office for Sascha Spoun, and whether it actually leads to the goal is not yet foreseeable. There is massive resistance to the election of the German-Swiss economist as the future president of the University of Gottingen. Now the election is also being challenged in court.

Mismatched sisters in thriller comedy: great fun with male murder

Nigerian author Oyinkan Braithwaite releases "My Sister, the Serial Killer," her first novel.

Nigerian author Oyinkan Braithwaite has written a fast-paced thriller comedy Photo: © Studio 24

They couldn’t be more different: Korede, the tall, not very pretty, but smart and extremely reliable big sister. And the petite, second-born Ayoola, who seems to consist entirely of feminine charms and attracts men like light attracts moths. She also seems almost as deadly.

Blocking periods in journalism: the gift of time

Media representatives are sometimes informed with generous advance notice. Even in the digital age, the embargo period does not lose its appeal.

Some information may not be published immediately. Image: dpa

The pressure to be up to date occasionally unearths the absurd. On Sunday, for example, the Fantastischen Vier were able to read on the website of the Kolner Stadtanzeiger that they had been "frenetically celebrated" by their fans – even though they were not supposed to perform until 45 minutes later. In journalism, speed often counts more than care, but there are at least a few instruments with which those being reported on can take the pressure out of the kettle: Blocking periods, for example.

Spanish colonial history: sorry, why?

That’s all the Spanish nationalists needed. Mexican president demands apology for colonial history.

The Spanish conquest of Tenochtitlan on an engraving by Trichon Photo: imago/Leemage

In a video posted on social media, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador calls on Spain and the Vatican to apologize for forcibly colonizing the former land of the Aztecs and Mayans nearly 500 years ago. Lopez Obrador had himself filmed symbolically in front of Mayan ruins. "The so-called conquest was done with the sword and the cross," explained the leftist politician, who has sent a letter to Spain’s King Felipe VI and Pope Francis.

Summer in berlin: beautiful – for you!

Now everyone says again that you have to go out in this heat in Berlin, out to the cafes, parks, lakes. Only: It’s terrible out there!

This is the cliche of summer in Berlin: Bathers at the Wannsee… Photo: dpa

The sun is shining. And already they howl again, the day or better sun wolves: "Rauuus!", they howl in a pack, "the sun is shining, go all rauuuus, rauuuuus!!!"

Songwriter hans unstern about new album: “with harp and high heels”.

Hans Unstern is one of the icons of the music business. In an interview, he explains how he explores the multiplicities in his own on his new album.

Hans Unstern, an artist between charade and reality Photo: promo

On his debut album "Kratz dich raus" (2010), it still seemed clear who Hans Unstern was and what he wanted: a former street musician whose skepticism about existence and language had driven him into the arms of the Berlin indie scene, where he honed the sound of the new decade with similarly ambitious projects like the band Ja, Panik. At the latest in 2012 to the strikingly titled "The Great Hans Unstern Swindle" follow-up and a simultaneously published book of poetry (Merve Verlag), when he appeared in persona of the performance artist Tucke Royale, it was clear: Between lustful charade and complex reality of what a subject can be, an artist definition must be postponed.

Sea rescue in the mediterranean: no more help

Not a single private rescue ship is operating in the Mediterranean any more. Above all, quarantine regulations are paralyzing ships and crews.

Refugees in an overcrowded boat off the coast of Libya Photo: Santi Palacios/AP/dpa

Quarantine, travel restrictions, supply bottlenecks for spare parts – the Corona pandemic has also shut down sea rescue in the Mediterranean. Not a single private rescue ship is currently in operation – even though Malta and Italy have officially suspended the sea rescue of refugees.