Summer in berlin: beautiful – for you!

Now everyone says again that you have to go out in this heat in Berlin, out to the cafes, parks, lakes. Only: It’s terrible out there!

This is the cliche of summer in Berlin: Bathers at the Wannsee… Photo: dpa

The sun is shining. And already they howl again, the day or better sun wolves: "Rauuus!", they howl in a pack, "the sun is shining, go all rauuuus, rauuuuus!!!"

Already when I turn on the radio in the early morning – the sun is already shining, the air is fresh and cool, beautiful! – I turn on the radio, it echoes back to me: I should "rauus, rauuuus", preferably immediately and all day and in the park.

Even serious presenters of otherwise rather gloomy-sounding public stations suddenly sound like their colleagues from Jam FM, who are always in a good mood to the point of hysteria: "Rauuus! Rauuuus! The sun is shining!" If I close the radio and open Facebook, the first thing it tells me is the most important message of the day: "Alke! Go outside! The sun is shining! Thirty degrees today!"

Okay. Yes. Nice weather is nice, wow. But what’s nice – like so much else – is a matter of opinion. If you like lying shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers in crowded parks that smell of barbecue lighter as if a kerosene tank had just exploded there, and on whose trampled meadows the always free-roaming Berlin dogs poop next to the piles of garbage that have accumulated in the small open spaces between the blankets, you’re welcome to it. I’m not so into it.

Nor do I want to be stuck after work between sticky, sweaty bodies, on whose large areas of naked skin the hot, humid air, creamy with exhaust dust, has settled like a velvety film, on a bus that is always overheated, where my hand only comes away from the bus stop with a soft smacking sound before I get off.

I therefore claim the right to stay at home when the temperature is 26 degrees or higher. Everything up to 25 degrees: okay. Anything above that: no, thanks. On vacation gladly, in the everyday working life of the big city however crap – my opinion.

… and that’s the reality: littered parks Photo: dpa

It’s not easy to find understanding for this, however, even in Berlin, which is otherwise extremely tolerant. Friends call on the landline, only to confront me, when I answer the call, with greetingless indignation: "You’re at home in this beautiful weather? Go rauuus!"

But there are also people who honor my being at home: On hot summer days, I make new friends among Berlin’s parcel messengers. They then get rid of the deliveries for the entire neighborhood with me – because they are all out.

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