What gets us down: binge watching makes you depressed …

… researchers have found. Really? We can think of a few other things that make you feel really bad.

Binge watching makes you depressed, but not having money for Netflix also makes you a bit depressed Photo: dpa

Binge watching (pronounced binch wotsching) is the buffet effect of watching TV: Instead of enjoying a treat, you eat as much as possible at once. Researchers at the University of Toledo in Ohio have now discovered: Binge watching makes you depressed – and that’s because you tend to do it alone. Really? We can think of a few other things that make you depressed.

1. binge reading. At night, under the covers: finishing "Lord of the Rings," "Harry Potter," or whatever. Anyone with even a glimmer of imagination must be insanely depressed by the real world the next day.

2. assemble and paint airplane models.. Because: You can hardly spend your free time in a more socially isolated way.

3. not having money for a Netflix subscription. Because: The others are talking again. About House of Cards, Making a Murderer or Jessica Jones. For you: no small talk, anywhere. "Did you guys watch Crime Scene yesterday?" Good luck finding someone to get on that!

4. the poisoned pseudo philanthropy of the CSU: Wanting to oblige Merkel now to always openly address the difficult human rights situation in Turkey – when everyone knows that Seehofer and Co. don’t give a shit about human rights in Turkey as much as anything.

5. photos from the Idomeni refugee camp, showing a newborn baby being washed in a puddle.

6. Donald Trump.

7. the paternalism of Italian politics: Giorgia Meloni, party leader of the national conservative Fratelli d’Italia, is being lectured that she should withdraw her candidacy for mayor of Rome – so that the pregnant 39-year-old can "devote herself to being a mother". And Patrizia Bedori, a member of the protest party Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S), withdrew her candidacy in tears on Sunday. Reason: she could no longer bear vituperation because of her appearance.

8 Denmark. Seriously: if this pølser-filled coastal strip, which as a right-wing trendsetter closed its borders as early as 2011 to keep out "criminal" Eastern Europeans and economic refugees, is supposed to be the happiest country in the world, as a UN study now wants to have proven once again – then good night!

9 That the AfD fits our expectations exactly. Schwerin city councilor Petra Federau, for example. Who used to run an escort service for young women and placed them in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, among other places. But that doesn’t stop the woman from agitating against Muslim refugees. Surprising? No. But still disgusting.

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